Who can use EduQueri?

Anyone can use EduQueri to solve math & science problems. It is mainly oriented for students from 8th to 12th grade.

Does EduQueri provide only the final answer?

No. Our excellent panel of experts will guide you step by step into the solution thus making it an amazing learning experience.

Are the tutors available live?

Yes. As soon as we receive a question from your end we engage one of our study experts to solve your questions in real time.

Who are the tutors at EduQueri?

All EduQueri tutors are from top colleges and schools. Every tutor is a subject-matter expert. We select our tutors through a multi layer screening process so that we provide only the best tutors to our students.

Do we get to learn important concepts related to the question?

Yes. Our teachers are well versed with the concepts in their respective subjects and will help you out in understanding the same.

How much does it cost to use these services?

You get free credits just for signing up to EduQueri. You can get more free credits by referring your friends. For other details, please check out our pricing page.

Is EduQueri safe for use?

Yes it is. As a matter of privacy, we do not collect or share student data. Unlike other tutoring companies, EduQueri offers a safe, anonymous mobile interface for both student and tutor.

How much time it will take to connect to a tutor?

You will be connected to a tutor within 2 minutes of asking a question and then you can use a personalized chat option to clear all your queries and get your solution.

Is there any time limit within which we can get a question solved?

EduQueri will help you solve a question in a very limited time. For different grade levels the time limits will vary, the maximum being 15 minutes.

Till how long will my credits be valid?

The purchased credits in your account will remain in your account all the time. Purchased credits do not have any expiry.

Can I ask questions belonging only to my class or higher classes as well?

A student can ask questions only related to the class they have registered for. In order to change your class, please write to us at support@eduqueri.com

Can I ask questions pertaining to multiple subjects?

Yes. A student can ask questions related to Math, Physics and Chemistry. The student can select a subject from the dropdown after uploading the question.

How do I change my account information?

Write to us at support@eduqueri.com, and we shall get that done for you.

Can I create another account on my device?

There is a limit of one account per device. If you need to create a different account, write to us at support@eduqueri.com and we will assist you with your account details.

What if I have a question/comment about one of my sessions?

You can rate and comment the tutor on your experience after your session. If the solution is not provided then we will refund you the credits. If you have any other questions or concerns you can always write to us us at support@EduQueri.com . We’re here to help you.