Feb 05, 2017

The biggest challenge that the students face while in the 10th grade is to choose the right stream. Multiple forces guide this important decision of their life: Parents, Teachers, Relatives, Friends, Neighbours and they themselves. The trend, which was seen 5-10 years before, was that the top scorers would choose Science and the average or low scorers chose the latter option. But this has changed over the last few years. Commerce has become an option rather than just an excuse.

We have moved over from a time where all parents wanted to see their children become either a Doctor or an Engineer. With a lot of career options coming up, people have moved beyond the traditional courses. There is now availability of career options for each and every type of mind and interest. Event management, Hotel management, Music, Dance, Entrepreneurship, Painting, Robotics, Sociology, Psychology, Literature, Animation and many other such courses have provided students with an alternative to the other regular courses.

Usually it is seen that family and peer pressure have been the main forces behind choosing the correct stream but now there is nothing called a correct stream. It all depends upon the interests and hardworking capacity of your child. These two are the main factors, which should dominate while taking a decision. Parents should not force their children to take a particular stream because it interests them or that’s how they want to see their son/daughter in future. It’s very important that parents guide this decision but as an understanding force and not as a dominating force. They should see all the pros and cons about their child taking a particular stream and how they would perform in that. Not everyone is meant to become a Doctor or an Engineer; some students have a much higher vision than that.

An interactive session with your child, as a friend, will lead to the best result in understanding what is better for them. Presenting some insights about Science and Commerce:

Topics covered in Commerce:

  • Accounting
  • Tax
  • Business Economics
  • Finance
  • Maths (is optional, but important for students for higher studies like CA, CFA etc.,)

Topics covered in Science:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics (is optional, but important for students planning for Engineering etc.)
  • Biology (is optional, but important for students planning for Medicine etc.)

Also listing down a few traditional career options apart from the ones mentioned before:

         Science: Commerce:
B.Tech/B.E. B.Com
B. Arch B.A. LLB
B.Sc. B.B.I
B. Pharm BCA/MCA
M.S.  B.H.M
 M.Tech B. Ed/M. Ed
 Research B.A. Honours

Science students have both the options open after 12th as they can switch streams but the same is not applicable for Commerce students. Apart from these regular career options a lot of new fields as mentioned before are attracting students from all backgrounds.

Which stream to choose still remains difficult to answer but the above information may help you remove some of your myths about them. Each stream is beautiful its own way.

Hope you take the better choice.

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