Why do some Students fear Math?

Oct 24, 2016

Recent surveys and trends have shown that many students in the age group 12-16 have developed a sense of hatred towards Math. They are eager to drop the subject at the first opportunity they get. It has turned into a nightmare for many and a big reason for decrease in the overall percentage of marks in examinations. This hatred is causing no good to the students and creating additional troubles and worries for parents who do not have any clue how to change their children’s view about Math.

We at EduQueri tried asking a few students the reason for this feeling towards the subject and we got some amazing responses:

  1. “We don’t understand why do we keep finding the same ‘x’ again and again.
  2. “ How will these chapters help me in future anyway, I won’t be using this at my workplace”.
  3. “So many numbers together scare me and when we can do basic calculations using a calculator then why do all this hard work yourself”.
  4. “We need to think a lot before solving a question. It should be like History where we see the question and answer without much thinking”.

And we received many more amazing responses.

On doing a detailed study we realised that the main problem with these students is that their basic concepts are not strong which make them feel even more uncomfortable with the subject as the course advances. Basics of mathematics like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are not very clear among many students and this problem grows into hatred for the subject. We have seen students of 10th grade struggle in doing subtraction and division. If you ask a 9th or a 10th grader if they have any struggle with these basic concepts they tend to hide their fallouts so that it does not become a matter of shame for them in front of their friends. Peer pressure is one of the main reason students hide from others what they are weak in and eventually that weakness develops with time and makes them helpless.

Math is one of the most interesting subject students come across in their academic career and it is the responsibility of Teachers and Parents to make their children develop an interest for it. The basic concepts should be made very clear at a very early stage in a student’s career so that they do not feel left behind in the race. The more you understand math, more is the love towards the subject you acquire.

Another big problem, which make students not like Math, is a tendency to memorize solutions without understanding the logic behind it. Many students we came across could solve a particular question but on changing a few things in that question they seemed to be puzzled. Many students have developed this nature to remember the questions, which are there in their schoolbooks and reproduce the answers in their exams. But when they do not find the same questions in the paper the problem begins. Instead of making students solve more and more questions it is more important to get their concepts clear first. We have seen students trying to solve questions from every possible book they can grab but if their concepts are made clear then it is not necessary for them to do so much hard work. Students will know how to solve most of the questions if they know the process of going ahead with similar sort of questions.

The responsibility lies with Teachers and Parents to remove this hatred from students and make sure that they understand all concepts well and fall in love with studying. Not just for Math, this should be used for other subjects as well to instill a feeling of learning more and more in students. We at EduQueri want to make sure students clear their concepts and know a step-by-step way to proceed with a variety of questions. EduQueri wants to make a student independent so that without any fear and peer pressure they can ask us directly whatever makes them uncomfortable.